Check out what the press is saying about Tzimani!

Dead Rhetoric:

“Considering the relative short time together as Tzimani, it’s easy to gauge the band’s great instincts when it comes to songwriting, performance, and execution. They have all the tools to get the beer flowing and the fists flying high, and that’s the name of the game to building an audience in the metal landscape.”

New Noize:

“The song [Overdrive] is a thrashing speed demon of a hit, only ever slowing down to release a soaring refrain with a powerful vocal delivery. The guitars are downright filthy in their approach, ripping through solos and arpeggios with ease, not to mention the blistering pace of the verse riff.”

Ugh Metal:

“This was only an EP, can you imagine how their full length will be like? This nice little teaser will have your speed demon wanting more.”

Dioses del Metal (Mexico):

Metal News (France):