Final Hour – Download


The latest single from Tzimani!

Released June 9, 2017
Music and Lyrics by Eddie Vazquez
Engineered by Mike Harris and Eddie Vazquez
Mixed by Mike Harris and Eddie Vazquez
Mastered by Matt Alcobia
Recorded at Signature Sound Studios and Bonita Studios
Noize Cartel Records




This side of me is growing stronger
They will not last for much longer
The Earth it trembles from my power
At last this world will be our’s

Will be our’s
Feel my power
This final hour

All I can see I will conquer
You challenge me? I won’t falter
All those who fall before us cower
My golden empire will tower

We will tower
They will cower
This final hour

My vision, of domination
I’ll rule them all
Obliteration, annihilation
Oh, how the mighty fall

My tales of greatness, told for generations
Captured in annals
Statues depicted, monuments erected
My name they’ll call – out!

They will bow
Now it’s our’s
This final hour!